Role Expertise Name Institution
Principal Investigator Planetary science Véronique Dehant ROB, Belgium
ROB Project Manager and Co-Investigator Radio-Science Sébastien Le Maistre ROB, Belgium
ROB Instrument Manager Telecom Engineering Michel Mitrovic ROB, Belgium
Co-Investigator Planet's interior and rotation Tim Van Hoolst ROB, Belgium
Co-Investigator Planet's rotation Marie Yseboodt ROB, Belgium
Co-Investigator Planet's interior Attilio Rivoldini ROB, Belgium
Co-Investigator Planet's atmosphere Ozgur Karatekin ROB, Belgium
Co-Investigator Radio-Science William Folkner JPL, USA
Co-Investigator Orbit determination Ryan Park JPL, USA
Co-Investigator Orbit determination Alex Konopliv JPL, USA
Co-Investigator DSN & radio tracking Sami Asmar JPL, USA
Co-Investigator Radio Science Jean-Pierre Barriot UPF, France
Co-Investigator Orbit determination Jean-Charles Marty Obs. MP, CNES, France
Co-Investigator VLBI Expert Leonid Gurvits JIVE, The Netherlands
Co-Investigator Meteorology, Geography and Geoinformatics Alexander Kosov IKI (RAS), Russia
Science team member Planet's rotation Rose-Marie Baland ROB, Belgium
Science team member Earth ionosphere Nicolas Bergeot ROB, Belgium
Science team member PhD student Marie-Julie Péters ROB, Belgium
Science team member PhD student Bart Van Hove ROB, Belgium
Instrument team member RF engineer Antonio Martinez ROB, Belgium
AWS project manager Management Jean-François Boone AWS, Belgium
Managing director Management Koen Puimege AWS, Belgium
Antenna project manager Management Bart Desoete AWS, Belgium
Lead System Engineer RF & Microwave System Lieven Thomassen AWS, Belgium
Instrument team member System Engineering Donald Heyman AWS, Belgium
QA, PA & Safety Manager Product Assurance Dave Bail AWS, Belgium
Contracts Officer Quality and Supply chain Johan Vermeulen AWS, Belgium
Financial Controller Management Guy Van Dijk AWS, Belgium
RF Design Engineer RF Engineering Jules Marien AWS, Belgium
Thermal Engineer Thermal Engineering Mattias Genbrugge AWS, Belgium
EGSE Engineer EGSE Engineering Gerard Hermans AWS, Belgium
Flight AIT Engineer Electrics/Electronics Roland Van Ackere AWS, Belgium
Antenna Design Expert Electromagnetics and Antenna Technology Christophe Craeye UCL, Belgium
Antenna designer Antenna Technology Khaldoun Alkhalifeh UCL, Belgium
Antenna Design Telecom Engineering Sumit Karki UCL, Belgium
Head of the PRODEX office Management Michel Lazerges ESA (ESTEC) The Netherlands
Technical Support Manager System Engineering Marline Claessens ESA (ESTEC) The Netherlands
Technical Officer Microwave Electronics Vaclav Valenta ESA (ESTEC) The Netherlands
Technical support Antenna Engineering Marco Sabbadini ESA (ESTEC) The Netherlands
Technical support TT&C Engineer Alberto Busso ESA (ESTEC) The Netherlands
Technical support Mechanical, Thermal Engineering Hans Brabants EESA (ESTEC) The Netherlands
Technical support Ground Stations RF Daniel Firre ESA (ESOC) Germany
Financial support Management Werner Verschueren BELSPO, Belgium
  • ROB = Royal Observatory of Belgium
  • JPL = Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • UPF = Université de la Polynésie Française
  • Obs. MP = Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées
  • JIVE = Joint Institute for VLBI ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium)
  • IKI RAS = Space Research Institute Russian Academy of Sciences
  • AWS = Antwerp Space
  • ESA = European Space Agency
  • UCL = Université Catholique de Louvain
  • PRODEX = PROgramme for the Development of scientific Experiments
  • BELSPO = Belgian Science Policy