MoMo : Model of Mars Ionosphere


  • The Model of Mars Ionosphere (MoMo) is an empirical model to predict the Total Electron Content (TEC) in Mars ionosphere. The TEC is expressed in TEC unit with 1 TECu = 1016e-.m-2. This TEC can be used to mitigate the ionosperic delay of radio signals crossing the Mars' ionosphere at a given location, at a given time (i.e. Solar Longitude and Solar Zenith Angle) and for a given solar activity level (F10.7P) on Mars. A more detailed description is given in Bergeot et al. 2019.
  • Citation : Bergeot, N., Witasse, O., Le Maistre, S., Blelly, P.-L., Kofman, W., Peter, K. Dehant, V. and Chevalier, J.-M., MoMo: a new empirical model of the Mars ionospheric total electron content based on Mars Express MARSIS data , J. Space Weather Space Clim., 9 A36 (2019), DOI: 10.1051/swsc/2019035.

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    MoMo example for high solar activity level (Ls = 270°)


    1. Empirical Model of the Mars Ionospheric Total Electron Content based on Mars Express MARSIS data
    2. Files :
      1. sub_momo.f : Fortran Subroutine to predict Mars TEC
      2. Mars-sflux.dat : F10.7P solar flux at Mars Level (in sfu) since 1963. For that, we used the F10.7 Penticton radio telescope data (see Tapping, 2013) and the SPICE/NAIF software (Acton 1998; Acton et al. 2018) to retrieve Sun-Mars distance.

    3. Fortran source code : sub_momo.f
    4. Most recent F10.7P solar flux estimated at Mars Level (in SFU): Mars-sflux.dat